Local Visibility is Fuel For Your Bottom Line

Online Visibility is a Game Changer

Online visibility and its relatives: traffic, appeal, action, conversion, and ultimately sales have dramatically altered the prospects for many local businesses. Some small business operators have been able to transform sleepy little trades, hobbies or occupations into world-beating enterprises.

Prospects are Ready to Buy

A visible presence in your city or town will attract possible customers visually. A visible presence online will also visually attract possible customers; the difference is that online prospects are there because they are seeking what you are offering, they are ready to buy. The mix on the street is made up of interested parties, passers-by, and many who will never become your customer.

Appeal to Your Target Market

There have been and continue to be countless schemes pitched to local businesses to bring in new customers or generate more sales. Junk mailing, coupons, giveaways, and other race-to-the-bottom schemes come to mind. The internet is young but the evidence is indisputable; local business operators now have a highly effective means of reaching and appealing to their precise target market. Of course having the means to do so and actually doing so are two entirely different things.

Consider Your Goals

Is there a switch to turn on that will start up my internet presence? The answer is both yes and no. Since we’re talking about an enormously valuable resource it can’t be expected to just start up and produce returns at the flip of a switch. Some work needs to be done, either by a business owner or a trusted professional. The level of optimization required should be determined by a consideration of objectives and the competitive landscape of the market.

This is Not Rocket Science

For most local business owners there is a learning curve involved in online marketing. We recommend gaining at least a basic understanding so decisions can be made about goals and objectives. Speaking only for myself, we use plain English to paint the big picture, our clients “get it” fairly quickly and easily. Some clients prefer not to ever turn a computer on, that’s fine. Certain other clients like to be fully involved, that’s fine too.

Know Where You Stand

In any case, whether or not you wish to pursue online visibility, or if you do which way to go; on your own or with a pro, you ought to know what condition your condition is in. We offer two different reports free of charge. Start with the online visibility report to learn about your company’s credibility with search engines. To learn about the viability of your company website please contact us for a consultation.