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At Early and Often Marketing we concentrate on small and medium sized businesses. Our mission is to enhance all the possibilities, not just online, but offline as well. Possibilities become opportunities as a result of a polished strategy which brings organizations together with customers and prospects at the precise moment of truth.

Let’s boil down the many reasons we are highly capable in this area to just two:

The first reason: Experience

As a local business owner for over three decades I’ve acquired an unlimited supply of on the street know-how. This knowledge, coming as a result of my own experience coupled with  relationships I’ve developed with other business owners makes one thing perfectly clear:

Customer Quality Counts

Every single business owner has an opinion on the type of customer they wish to attract. This opinion often includes the pros and cons of different customer acquisition models.  It doesn’t matter if they understand the ins and outs of marketing, advertising, or business development; when it comes to an ideal customer; they know one when they see one and most could probably write a book on the topic.

The second reason is:

Art and Science

My interest in the art and science of customer acquisition goes back decades.  In the old days everyone was a prospect. Art and science involved a lot of pushing to turn them into customers. Today’s consumers don’t want to be pushed. And science has become very sophisticated, in perfect alignment with the habits of consumers.

Customer acquisition comes in two basic flavors. It’s still possible to get lucky, especially for local businesses. This angle can at least produce a one-off customer. If you’re on your game, after the acquisition, you can develop a longer term relationship. If you don’t mind the uncertainty that the other shoe could drop at any moment this is an OK model.

Since hope is not a viable strategy we prefer tried and true methods of bringing customers in the door. This usually delivers customers in your target market. You still need to develop and maintain a relationship but the hard part of establishing a want or need for your product or service is already set in stone. The sustainability of this model has been proven consistently over thousands of years.

Using Acquired Knowledge

Early Often Now set up shop in 2010 to help business owners gain traction online. Since then we’ve enrolled numerous clients and as far as I know all of them are thrilled with their new-found status. We follow a tradition of “white hat” content development and search engine optimization (SEO). Using resources we have accumulated in our own arsenal as well as those available to us from other seasoned professionals allows us to provide  highly effective marketing solutions.

Why is this important?

The customer acquisition model in place since about 750 BC is no longer valid.

The Forum in Rome, built by Romulus about 750 BC housed merchants who sought to gain a competitive advantage by having the most visible location. The concept of visibility evolved to include top billing on signage and in advertisements, and of course the 20th century brought platforms like directories, phone books, radio and TV among others. Over those 3000 years the ultimate goal was to establish contact with a potential customer either by drawing them into your location or engaging by telephone. In the 21st century local consumers have turned to the internet in droves as not only the first point of contact but as the method of choice for gathering information and interacting with local merchants and service providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold

  • To create tremendous online visibility for our clients
  • To ensure that this visibility generates traffic – targeted and spontaneous
  • To ensure that these visitors perform the desired action – such as to become customers

The purpose and objective of our mission is to enable business owners to take advantage of vast opportunities open to them as a result of a strong online footprint. The possibilities are endless and include any and all campaigns conducted offline as well as online. This is because almost any promotion or even a mention of your business nowadays will result in an online search.


What options does a local business have?

Local business operators have 3 choices:

  •  Do it yourself
  •  Hire a professional
  •  Do nothing

American business owners are master innovators and many have or can learn the skills necessary to develop and implement an effective online strategy. For those willing to try there is certainly a wealth of information available online. My recommendation is to gather reputable instruction and knowledge from as many sources as possible and to arm yourself with a wide assortment of tools.

Hiring a professional is the best choice for most businesses but is by no means a guarantee of success. Unfortunately some SEO types employ dubious methods, others have a limited agenda, and still others lack the tools and skills needed to accomplish your goals. It is necessary therefore, and for a firm like ours desirable, for you to have a basic understanding of local SEO. At the very least you should know what your goals are and the type of online presence you will be comfortable with.

We speak with some business owners who plan to retire soon or who say they have too much business already. Doing nothing is an option for them and possibly for others with an unusual business model.

You should know that you already have an online footprint and will continue to have one whether you want one or not. Taking control of this footprint can prevent current clients from going elsewhere and reduce nuisance phone calls such as about operating hours etc. There’s also the possibility that someone else will take over your online identity. You can prevent that by taking control yourself.

A Realistic Approach

At Early Often Now our approach is to walk before you run. Besides the fact that a local business must have visibility to survive, an online footprint is and will continue to be the foundation for virtually every strategy you employ. We create and enhance your online footprint so that:

  •  Your company shows up Early and Often in search
  •  Your competitors are kept at bay
  •  Your reputation is enhanced
  •  You are in the game for all the coming attractions

Increasing numbers of consumers are using devices of all kinds before, during, and after conducting local business. You can operate from a position of strength while maintaining your place as a leading provider in the community. We are just the company to help you do exactly that.

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