Reverse FAQ

Ask Yourself These Questions


Q Do you get any calls/inquiries via online?

A People are seeking what you’re offering so if not shouldn’t you be?

Q Do customers tell you they found you online?

A Customer feedback is priceless and customers expect online representation from local providers.

Q Do you rank ahead of less qualified competitors?

A If not you should be doing what they’re doing only one better.

Q Do you have any online reviews? Do you encourage them?

A Potential customers want them and people who write reviews are your best evangelists elsewhere in the community too.

Q Every business has content such as photos, fliers, coupons, etc.; where are yours? Are they online now or in a drawer?

A Every photo, ad copy, or even any business card you’ve ever created can be used as online content working on your behalf.

Q Do you pay the BBB or any similar organization? If so do you get your money’s worth?

A Your BBB listing on page 1 of Google would be one way to get your money’s worth.

Q Do you get online mileage out of your civic and charitable contributions?

A Google would consider this to be a reputable and credible citation.