Q What do you mean online visibility?

A Visibility measures the effectiveness of your online footprint. A more robust, accurate, and compelling online footprint will result in tremendous visibility for your company.


Q What is an online footprint?

A An online footprint consists of any and all content relative to your company beginning with your name, address, and phone# (NAP). Generally this content is located on; your website, profile pages on search engines and directories, and social media sites. Reviews are also a key element. A more extensive footprint would include articles and blog posts by or about you, photo and video content, coupons and various offers, Wikipedia entries, public records, and more.


Q Why is this important?

A Two reasons;

  1. Clients, customers, and interested parties will easily find details and content they desire.
  2. Search engines are influenced by reliability of content so more content that is accurate and consistent equals more trust and results in greater visibility.


Q Do I have any control over my online footprint?

A Yes. You can and should take control of each element. The only piece you can’t really control is what others say about you but you can and should be part of the conversation.


Q How can I make sure my online footprint is accurate?

A Take control. Make sure that your website is 100% precise then search for every mention of your company online and edit the data to match exactly how it appears on your site.


Q Does this affect my rank in search engines?

A Yes; Google and other search engines favor content they can trust. Give them abundant reliable content and back it up with more of the same as evidence. Search engines display results in which they have the most confidence.


Q How can I influence my rank?

A Many factors influence rank and experts agree that accurate data concerning who you are (Name), where you are located (Address), what you do (Category), and how you should be contacted (Phone) are critical. The fact that you vouch for yourself (Take control) is important as are the # of instances of these citations.


Q Can I influence my visibility on other channels?

A Yes; many applications, some of which use GPS, along with various hyper-local platforms rely on core data. Your specific industry probably has more than one channel available or even one of your suppliers. Distribute your accurate data throughout the ecosystem and reap the rewards.